Each team will have their own centralized location where everyone can share their thoughts and ideas, allowing for everyone to be on the same page, real-time. Any important conversations can be made into Topics or Tasks and can be seen by everyone.

No one likes a cluttered inbox. With Direct Messaging, you can create a private discussion with specific members on your team. Turn any discussion into a Topic or Task with a click of a button.

Express yourself in real-time by reacting to Tasks, Topics, and conversations. Everyone on your team can see your reaction when you post your response. Like what you see? Congratulate your teammates to strengthen bonds and keep motivation up.

Get instant visibility into all of your team’s work

Manage work using task lists, visual cards, or the calendar. Keep track of your own to-do list, and stay on top of any teammate’s workload.

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Everyone on your team and everything they’re working on – all in one view. Easily see how busy days are, who’s overloaded, and drag and drop tasks to different categories.

Create, delegate, organize, and track all your project’s to-dos. Follow-up with your team or get status updates for added transparency.

Discuss tasks with threaded discussions, upload attachments, and get help from your team when needed using task conversations. All in one place.

All in one Project Management Software

PocketOcean project management software compiles everything you need to successfully organize your work, teams, and projects and efficiently communicate across all team members. This will help to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Perfect Integration

Connect PocketOcean to tools your team relies on every day. Easily attach files using an integrated file picker for your storage provider of choice.


Easy to Start

No IT background required. Simply enter your email address and a team name to create a team. Invite colleagues and you are ready to chat.

Activity Streams

See updates from your team as they happen and easily get caught up on all progress when you're away from the office.

Easy to Use

It’s nice to be able to easily maneuver through a newly adopted teamwork tool. Even your company’s most technophobic employees can start right away.

Project Messages

Share ideas and have discussions about topics related to the project in one place without all the email threads.

Task Management

Create new tasks in seconds, set deadlines and assign them to team members. See all tasks assigned to you across projects.

File Attachments

Attach files directly to discussion threads, tasks or topics. Perfect for work in progress or quick progress updates.

Manage any Project with any Workflow

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