5 of the Biggest Misconceptions about Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has become the talk of the town in the IT circles in a relatively short period of time. Most companies are trying to move their business to the cloud to achieve the amazing advantages and benefits it has to offer. However, there is still a lot that remains unknown about the cloud. This is the reason why there are a number of misconceptions regarding the cloud technology in the minds of the people. The following are some of the myths that people have developed in their minds about cloud computing which are totally baseless and untrue.

Cloud Isn’t Private Enough

The misconception that cloud isn’t private enough is not that wrong actually, but it is not true as well. Cloud storage facilities are very secure and keep the data private. However, this misconception arises because people think that when they send up their data in the cloud, it can be spied upon by hackers with ease. Moreover, it is also thought by some people that since data of many organizations is stored in the same cloud, there is a chance that it can get mixed up with one another.

Cloud is not Environment friendly

Some people think that because cloud service providers have large number of servers stacked in a data center, they must have huge power demands and are thus not environmental friendly. Although the part about the large power needs of a data center are true, it does not mean that the cloud storage is not eco-friendly. Most of the cloud service providers generate power for the data centers from solar panels or wind turbines. Moreover, many cloud service providers are thinking about moving the location of the data center to colder regions to reduce the power needs of the servers. The use of virtual servers is another way through which cloud service providers are cutting down on their energy demands.

There is no downtime in the Cloud

There are people who think that since cloud technology makes use of a number of duplicate servers, the chance of an outage are close to none and they are not going to experience any kind of downtime. This however, is a misconception because no matter how robust the servers and data center of a cloud service provider is, there is no way that it can guarantee you that there will be no downtime. The outages might not last for more than a few minutes or hours and might happen very rarely but they are going to happen.

I don’t Need Cloud Storage

There is a common misconception among the people that cloud storage is simply for those people who do not take care of their data. This again is very untrue because cloud storage is for everyone. People who are careful with their data would also need cloud storage because no matter how careful you are with data, there is a far greater chance of data loss when using external hard drives than there is when using cloud storage.


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