6 Reasons Why Your Data is at a Constant Threat

Data is one of the most important commodities nowadays for a business. The success of a company hinges on the security and availability of data at all times. However, there are numerous factors that constantly pose a threat to the data. The following are some of the data threats that are faced commonly by business companies today which can be avoided with the use of cloud syncing technology.

Hardware Failure

Data loss due to a hard drive failure can cost a company a great deal of trouble. It can happen at any time since the device can fail or malfunction without giving any prior notice. However, if you are using cloud syncing technology then your data would remain safe in a remote location even if your hard drive suddenly stops working.

Operating System Crashes

A sudden crashing of the operating system can result in data loss and if you do not have this data saved on an external hard drive then it would be impossible for you to retrieve it. Cloud syncing technology enables you to retrieve your data at anytime and from anywhere saving you from the data losses that occur due to operating system crashes.


Since data is so important, rival companies are always looking to find a way to get their hands on to the sensitive data of their competitors. In such a scenario, there is always a danger that your rival might try to gain access to your data by any means possible and might resort to theft as well. The use of cloud computing can put this threat to bed since your data will be in a remote location million of miles away from your office out of the reach of the thief.

Natural Disasters

In the recent years, the frequency of occurrence of natural disasters has gone up a notch. Many big and small companies have suffered huge data losses because of these natural disasters which wiped out their entire offices. When using the cloud syncing technology, you will be adding an extra layer of protection to your data. The data centers of the cloud vendors are located in areas where there is a less chance of a natural disaster and are built to withstand the fury of nature. Thus, there is a high chance that your data will remain safe there.

Security Breaches

Hackers are always on the lookout for breaching the safety walls of the companies so that they can access their sensitive data and use them for their ulterior motives. Although firewalls and security systems can help you in keeping them out for a while, but it would require constant maintenance and still the hackers would find a way to bypass your security. The cloud synching technology on the other hand can keep your data safe as it monitors it all the time and employs the best security systems to keep it safe from the hackers.

Human Errors

Although they are a rare occurrence, human errors can lead to data loss as well. For instance, accidental spilling of coffee on the external hard drive that contains all of your sensitive data can result in a big loss for you. Use of cloud syncing technology can ensure that such errors do not cost you any kind of loss of data.


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