Avoid Doing These Top Cloud Storage Mistakes

Cloud storage has become the go to method for storing data online. In a very short space of time, most of the big and small companies have moved over to the cloud, seeing the numerous benefits and advantages that it can bring to their business. However, in the haste of utilizing these benefits, most companies made the switch to the cloud without giving it a proper thought. This has resulted in some mistakes along the way that have cost these businesses big time. The following are some of the top cloud storage mistakes that you would have to watch out for when moving over to the cloud.

Not Choosing the Right Cloud Service Provider for Your Cloud Storage Needs

One of the biggest mistakes that companies make when moving over to the cloud is to not assess their cloud storage needs. Because of this, they end up choosing a cloud service provider that is unable to offer them the level of cloud storage that they require. Thus, if you are looking forward to move all of your data to the cloud and then you must determine what your present and future cloud storage needs are and then select that cloud service provider who is capable of meeting these requirements.

Not Paying Attention to Network Connectivity

Another mistake that companies are making when utilizing cloud storage is that of not enhancing their network connectivity. When storing your data on the cloud, you get the benefit of accessing it from anywhere through an internet connection. However, if your internet connection is not strong enough then accessing the data would become a problem for you. Most of the companies stick to their ADSL broadband connection when moving over to the cloud which is not sufficient for meeting the connectivity demands of cloud storage and can remain down for long periods of time. Thus, when making the cloud plunge make sure that you upgrade your internet connection as well or you will not be able to get the most out of cloud storage.

Security Issues

Not taking measures to ensure the security of the cloud data is another mistake that companies make when utilizing cloud storage. They think that their data is safe in the cloud and rely on the safety measures that are taken by the cloud service provider. Even though at the best of times, the security offered by the cloud service provider is enough to keep the threat of hackers at bay, there is still need for companies to take extra measures to ensure the security of their data stored in the cloud. This includes using data encryption so that the data remains safe while it is being transported to the cloud or is being retrieved from it.

Rating Low Price over Performance

Most companies have fallen to the low price strategy adopted by cloud service providers. Selecting a cloud service provider based on its economical prices and not considering the storage performance it offers is a mistake that can prove to be very costly for you in the long run. So, it is best to select a cloud service provider based on the storage performance it can offer you rather than on how economical its pricing plans are.

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